Premiere Poster

Night Freaks Premiere Poster

World Premiere in Roswell

New Zealand's Godfather of Genre Cinema
David Blyth attending the World Premiere
of the Quirky Alien Abduction Musical
and Docufiction Comedy
in Roswell, New Mexico, USA

Aliens in NightFreaks

David Blyth is regarded as the Godfather of New Zealand genre film, with dark and bloody classics like DEATH WARMED UP, ANGEL MINE, TRANSFIGURED NIGHTS, WOUND, GHOST BRIDE and the recently restored and released MY GRANDPA IS A VAMPIRE, starring the legendary Al Lewis.

Now Mr. Blyth returns with his super quirky musical docufiction feature, NIGHT FREAKS. (Part of a trilogy of films along with WOUND and GHOST BRIDE that deals with tears in the fabric of everyday reality). Based loosely on his own alien encounter experiences and those of his stars, David Blyth has crafted a microbudget gem replete with original musical numbers, a Christopher Guest-like drollness, and a loving tip of the hat to the legendary Edward D. Wood Jr.

Night Freaks stars

  • Yvette Parsons (Ruby Tuesday, Educators, What We Do in the Shadows)
  • Andrew McLennan musician/composer (Coconut Rough Pop Mechanix, The Swingers)
  • Introducing Jemma Pollock
  • Guest stars Geeling Ching, Ian Mune, Tom Sainsbury
  • Song lyrics Richard von Sturmer and David Blyth
  • Song composers Andrew Mclennan and Jed Town

NIGHT FREAKS will have its World premiere at the Roswell Daily Record Film Festival, a celebration of cinema featuring UFOs, The Paranormal, and Cryptozoology.

The festival runs July 1 & 2, 2023, and director David Blyth will be in attendance for the screening, his first visit to the United States in nearly two decades.


Indie Award Official Selection Redmoon Award UFO Festival Award Underground Forum Award Roswell Official selection award award award award award award


You can now hear and buy the Night Freaks sound track on Jed Town's Bandcamp. Have a listen.

In-Movie Websites

Night Freaks has two websites promoted within the movie itself:

Includes three interviews with Alien Abductees in Auckland, New Zealand. These websites were created by Lucy Bingham and Jules Renforth, the characters in NightFreaks.

Watch the trailer

Nightmare by Andrew McLennan

Director David Blyth at the Pumphouse

Crew and Credits

(left to right) David Blyth | Helen Pollock | Jemma Pollock | Yvette Parsons | Andrew McLennan | Harry Treacy | Eddie Larsen | Ross Osarka


ILA Film Productions presents
A David Blyth film

Night Freaks

Writer producer and director
David Blyth

Writer alien dialogues
Richard von Sturmer

Eddie Larsen

Cardboard animation
Ross Ozurka

Song lyrics
Richard von Sturmer
David Blyth

Song composition
Andrew McLennan
Jed Town
Billy Christian

Jed town


Yvette Parsons

as Lucy Bingham of Western Springs.
Feature film roles: Nude Tuesday, The Power of the Dog, What we do in the Shadows, The Breaker Uppers.
TV roles: Time Bandits, Educators series 1,2,3, Wellington Paranormal, The Luminaries, Shortland Street.

Andrew McLennan

as Jules Renforth of Mt Roskill
Andrew has fronted and written songs for some of NZs favourite bands of the 80s, Pop Mechanix, the Swingers and Coconut Rough who had a massive hit with "Sierra Leone" - one of NZs best loved songs. He now travels the world with his one man show " Word Tour at Your Place" and has to date has played in London Sydney Rio De Janeiro New York Chicago San Francisco as well as NZ Andrew has also teamed up with Eddie Rayner (Split Enz) releasing an album of new material completed tour in NZ.

Jemma Pollock

as Infinity of Manly Beach.
Dunedin born, currently studying.

Derek Ward

as Tall Alien.
Circadian Rythmns, Angel Mine, Wound.

Richard von Sturmer

as Short Alien.
Circadian Rythmns, Angel Mine, Wound.

Geeling Ching

as Men in Black, Agent One
The Adventures of Suzy Boon (2014), Ghost Bride (2013), Desperate Remedies (1985) and Mad Max Beyond the Thunderdome (1985), Desperate Remedies (1992) and China Girl video (David Bowie 1985).

Ian Mune

as Pensioner.
Ian Mune was born in 1941 in Auckland, New Zealand. He is an actor and director, known for The End of the Golden Weather (1991), Came a Hot Friday (1985) and The Whole of the Moon (1997).

Ross Ozarka

Ross Ozarka, New Zealand's hottest animator, created the cartoon sequences of Night Freaks! He is most known for making 212 animated segments (and counting!) for the New Zealand kids TV show "Kea Kids News." His film "Canniversary" won Best Disqualified Film in NZ's 48 Hour Film Festival, and his previous short "Titanic On A Plane" has shocked festival audiences across Australia and the United States. His feature film, "Oops, I Murdered the Person the Person I Like Likes" is, for some reason, taught in an English Honors Program at a University in Sri Lanka. He is one of the winners of the 2022 Bulwer-Lytton Fiction Contest.
Best Disqualified Film at NZ's 48 Hour Filmmaking Competition 2022, Winner of the 2022 Bulwer-Lytton Fiction Contest (Dark & Stormy Category), Official Selection: Bad Film Fest NYC 2021, "Titanic on a Plane", Kea Kids News.


Tom Sainsbury as Alien Invasion Fan.
Stig Eldred as Ariel a Representative of Galactic Federation.
John Kempt as Men in Black Agent 3.
Jed Town as Men in Black Agent 2.
Medulla as Snake Princess.
Tylor Keith as Alien Groupie.

David Blyth

10 Feature Film Credits
Angel Mine, Death Warmed Up, My Grandpa is a Vampire, Red Blooded American Girl, Hot Blooded, Bound for Pleasure, Exposure, Wound, Ghost Bride and Night Freaks.

11 Documentaries shown on Maori TV, TV 1, TV3, Prime and Sky Arts.
Our Oldest Soldier, Age of Aquariums, French Connection, Kiwi Servicewomen of WW2, Nancy Wake Remembered, Victor 4 Company, POW Prisoners of War, Between the Memory and the Shadow, Lest we Forget, Grandfather’s Footsteps, Paradise Soldiers.


Andrew McLennan sings:
  • Chosen One
  • Freak On
  • Unexpected Thing
  • Permission
  • Nightmare
  • Rise Up
  • Men in Black
  • Good to Go
Jed Town sings:
  • Night Freaks
  • Breath of Death
  • Interdimensional
  • Ring a Rosie
  • Bring Back our Sons
Andrew McLennan and Jemma Pollack:
  • Wake Up
  • Faded Photo
  • Chosen One


Night Freaks Synopsis: A conspiracy documentary Musical

References:Ed Woods Plan Nine from Outer Space, Paul Bartell’s Eating Raoul, Richard OBrien’s Shock Treatment. High Weirdness, a book by Erik Davis on the visionary experiences of writers Philip K Dick, Terrance McKenna and Robert Anton Wilson.

During the covid pandemic ordinary citizens Jules and Lucy are abducted by grey aliens, taken onboard a UFO as the chosen ones where they’re given a message of hope for the world in these fractured times.

Back on earth, both Jules a musician and Lucy an online influencer, go on an interior journey of discovery, grappling with the alien tear in the fabric of their everyday conscious reality. Jules questions his sanity, but is grateful for the cosmic inspiration, writing new songs daily. Lucy embraces the alien message, as a revelation of her deep soul connection to off planet past lives and starts creating podcasts and banners to promote the alien message.

After the nationwide Lockdown is lifted, Jules and Lucy meet and start planning their campaign to bring alien disclosure to Auckland, which they carry out around Auckland. Jules and Lucy are recalled to the Alien Mothership where they are contestants on the Wheel of Fate Show, the arrow settles on Child of Enoch, 19-year-old daughter Infinity and a dream home to become the chosen family.

Jules and Infinity connect musically, songs are created and played. Lucy decides to return permanently, to explore her alien soul connection on the Mothership, leaving Jules and Infinity to continue their cosmic